I am Rahul Ramesh, a PhD student at the Institut für theoretische Astrophysik, located in Heidelberg, Germany, working in the group of Dylan Nelson. We study the halo of gas surronding galaxies, the so called Circumgalactic Medium (CGM), with a specific interest in galaxies resembling our own Milky Way. We do so using cosmological magneto-hydrodynamical simulations: IllustrisTNG as well as our custom designed "CGM Refinement" simulations.

Prior to this, I spent five years at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali, where I obtained an Integrated BS-MS Degree (Major in Physics and Minor in Astronomy). My final year MS-Thesis project was supervised by Prof. Jasjeet Singh Bagla, during which we explored various questions related to the graviational lensing of gravitational waves.